For this week’s blog, we thought we talk you through some of the latest home trends for 2018.



Homeowners will continue to want to maximise their available space whilst maintaining their ever increasing desire for natural light through large glazed openings.

Orangeries styles will continue to attract strong investment from homeowners and perhaps the Loggia too as people begin to become more familiar with the world’s newest and most sophisticated home extension. A Loggia is an exterior room with one or more sides open.

Glazed Opening:

The continued sales of roof lanterns are set to go through the roof this year (excuse the pun!), embracing an increase in the once despised flat roof. Homeowners want more light in their properties and a roof lantern gives it to them in abundance.

Larger glazed areas with bigger more minimalist glazed openings with sliding doors slowly moving ahead as an alternative option to bi-fold doors. This mixed with more natural looking external finishing materials such as concrete and stone façades. We may see contrasting darker woods such as bleached walnut see the pendulum swinging away from previously washed oaks.

The broader tastes of the population may also see an increase in the number of coloured windows and doors. The classic whites and blacks will never fall out of favour, but the more daring out there are now seeking alternatives to traditional finishes for their new windows and doors.

Internal Styles:

Retro industrial styles are making a comeback, but with a twist! Think industrial style with a touch of more varied colour tones, rich metals, exposed structures, alternative designs……. It’s called Modern Industrial.

Don’t be afraid to add a colourful and modern pinch into your industrial interiors when you are considering your finishing touches.

Interiors Finishes:

Firstly, if you’re considering larger open areas, then warmer shades are the way forward. White can feel cold and stark in larger areas, or simply mix with some warmer shades and accessories.

Oversized floral print wallpaper, it’s all about full-on colour and larger than life prints. This style takes its influence from the colour loving sixties and seventies. The key to this look for 2018 is the style of florals, hand drawn, painted or printed abstract designs in punchy pastels or primary colours.

So 2018 is set to see the colour of our rebellious teens, and Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018, Violet. Yes, I am talking about that fierce, power-glam purple we all loved so many years ago. The colour we all wanted to paint on the walls but were never brave enough, well now’s the time to step back, be brave and do it right.


Over the past few years, there’s been a strong focus on a more modern and minimalist interior style. We think for 2018 there will be a shift towards maximalism and 80s-influenced design. We’ll see this style through mixing vibrant colours, striking patterns and contrasting textures within interior spaces. Strong wallpapers and paint colours, as well as bold objects, will be important in achieving this look.

Be brave, 2018 is a perfect time to be expressive and have fun with your extension and interiors.

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